Monday, March 16, 2009

Message Board

I am EXCITED to let you all know that you can start using the Pathfinder Message Board to publicly and anonymously (or not) post the communication problems that you experience and receive a collaborative response. I will answer them daily (my responses will be in my own name, of course). I expect others will contribute as well in that this is a Pathfinder community project.

There of course is no charge for this service. The purpose is to offer coaching beyond what you've learned in the Pathfinder classes and lectures and to offer guidance in the practical application of the High-Performance Communication principles to everyday business situations.

You can find the message board by clicking the title of this message OR by going to and choosing the 'Message Board' link from the menu.

You are invited to offer your thoughts to anyone's post and start a thread on any communication-oriented issue.

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