Sunday, June 14, 2009

Public Course Announcement

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest in these newsletters. The negotiation series that I just finished last week earned a lot of email and I hope I answered all the questions, because I can tell you all prepared them thoughtfully.

I am giving a 3 day public course in High Performance Communication that will cover material on Influence, Relationships, Critical Discussions, Learning, Negotiation, and Persuasion topics. These are the essential elements of what employers describe as their top performer's "secret weapons". The course is intended to tie together all of the material you learn from the newsletters, plus new material, and offer face to face access to provide coaching, training, and practice. I guarantee this course will make you a better communicator.

Day one of the course is July 10. That day will cover the topics of Learning and Relationships. This is where you learn the fastest and most powerful ways to learn new skills, and how to establish amazing business relationships. There is a two-week break in which you practice what you have learned. We will stay in touch during this “mastery period” via phone, email, or the Pathfinder Communicators group on so you can address issues that come up and really use the tools that you’ve learned.

Day two of the course is July 24 and we will share our experiences from the two week break and then cover the topic of Critical Discussions and begin working on Influence. This is about gaining the skills you need to generate the best business decisions collaboratively. That class is followed by another two week mastery period.

We wrap up the course on August 7, completing Influence as well as Persuasion and Negotiation. You will learn to persuade decision makers, resolve differences, and influence your organization. After completing the High Performance Communication course, you can feel free to contact me for further instruction anytime free of charge.

The economy has pressed many of us, and I am offering the course this time for the reduced price of $325 because it is one way that I can help you attend. 'High Performance Communication' is the best value for your training dollar in San Diego! For those of you that have taken the class before and would like to again, I am offering a brand NEW course book and a “pay-what-it's-worth -refresher” discount!

There is a great deal to talk about regarding the course, and I have posted answers for your questions as follows:

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