Friday, July 25, 2008

Growth and Changes

In order to support the growth that Pathfinder has been enjoying (thanks again, everyone) I am making some changes to the way we do things.

1) I am going to add a message board available to anyone that has taken at least one Pathfinder class. The message board will be a place you can log in anonymously and tell of your successes or issues related to improving your communication skills. I am restricting it to people that have taken classes so that the input will be from informed sources that take these things seriously. I of course will be on the board nightly to give my two cents worth (how could I resist?).

2) I will be adding some video of powerpoint presentations available on the website. These will be short and on specific topics, and basically be the slide show and my narration. These will be available for free to anyone that comes to the site.

It is my hope that these two features add value and extend my capability in deploying ways for business people to work more harmoniously and prosperously.

Unavoidably, there will be some interruption to things as I make the changes. Please be patient. The .com suffix will be up and down but I will do my best to keep the following working:
the blog at

You can still sign up for courses at

Hurry for the August 22nd courses.

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